Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Friends.... Like what does that really mean? I think living in America, we inadvertently use that term with the utmost laxity! I was brushing up on some french today, and the word came up, and they were saying how french ppl go a long time before naming someone their friend. So it got me to thinking about friendship and what not. Although I acquire "friends" with ease since I'm totally popular! lol but seriously... it takes a while to actually claim them as mon amie. I guess what I'm saying is people shouldn't just claim ppl because you hang out with them, knowing the only thing they know about you is maybe... just maybe your last name! I honestly don't know why I'm writing this right now... maybe because I am glad to have the people in my life I call "friend!" I know that these people will be at my wedding, baby shower, EVERYTHING I can think of dragging them into. I guess what I'm saying is when you find your true friends, and you'll know, hold dear to them! Peace and till next time!!

Thursday, July 2, 2009


Have you ever just sat back and looked at you life and just said man I love my life!!! I've been stressing over the wrong things and when I went to a pilates class yesterday, ( yeah I said pilates!) I had time 2 put A LOT into perspective. Like how we need to just stop stressing over little things that has nothing to do with ANYTHING! Or just stop letting things ppl might say bother us so much! Yeah we might not have the amount of money we want, or the status we think we should be! But when you think about it there are ALWAYS and I mean ALWAYS someone worst off than you! SO be grateful, and love your life i'm pretty sure its great too!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Sooo... I was talking to a close friend of mine the other night and they asked me if I thought they were a LOSER... and of course i said no cuz I DEFINITELY don't have loser friends! But they posed that question to me because they felt as if they weren't doing anything with their lives...... well while i proceeded to list all of their accomplishments and all that they were doing, in the middle of it all I had to stop and just tell them to just pray. See they're reasons to why we don't have all the answers, and we tend to forget that HE is our solution, our, our EVERYTHING! Yes, i love love love my friends, and i love giving them advice, but we need to challenge ourselves to make him our friend, our lover our ALL! I wrote this as a little reminder.... I know how busy we can all get! Soo Peace out and till next time!!

The Girls I LUV the Most & they LUV me back!!!!

The Girls I LUV the Most & they LUV me back!!!!
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